Baseus DGXC-02 LED Magnetic Steeples Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro Reading Light (Natural Light)



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Beautiful lamp. Baseus always good

Baseus DGXC-02 Desk Lamp

1. Magnetic suction does not occupy the desktop position Baseus DGXC-02
2. It can be rotated at multiple angles, making it more convenient to use
3. Support USB device power supply, charging and plugging
4. Touch-sensitive interactive design, choose the light you want
5. One lamp is multi-purpose, can be taken out and unloaded at any time, and can be adsorbed or hand-held lighting at will
6. Easy installation in dual modes, strong adsorption on the iron surface, 3M glue on the non-ferrous surface arbitrarily adhere to the required positionspecification:

Baseus DGXC-02 Desk Lamp

1. Material: ABS+PC
2. Input voltage: 5V
3. Power: 5W
4. Luminous flux: greater than 100LM
5. Color rendering index: 80Ra
6. Battery capacity: 1800mAh
7. Color temperature: 3000-5000K
8. Work often: high light: 4 hours, low light: 24 hours
9. Size: 284x48x39mm


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  • অর্ডার প্রক্রিয়ার সময় কমপক্ষে 24 ঘন্টা লাগে।
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  • ঢাকার ভিতরে প্রায় 24-48 ঘন্টা (ডেলিভারির সময়)।
  • ঢাকার বাইরে আনুমানিক 2-5 দিন (ডেলিভারির সময়)।
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